Product Catalog
Product Catalog
Item Number INCI Name Description/Compound
Cromul EM3354                            Self emulsifying wax                     emulsifying agent(O/W),It have a strong emulsifying capacity and thickening performance, it resistant to ions, acid and alkali.It is widely used in all kinds of special dyeing, scalding, hair care and skin care products.Recommended amount:2-15%。
EZ-1 Emulsifying thickening suspension agent  
Forestal                                                                          Odour neutralizer Cationic surface active agent,By coordinating or neutralizing odorous organic molecules and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase, the bad smell can be removed.
Prifer 6813                                                                     Environmental friendly cleaning agent Degreaser;remover.It is used for industrial cleaning, kitchen cleaning, collar cleaning, paint stripping.
Crodaquat DGR                                                             Heavy-dirt cleaning agent   It can clean oily dirt without solvents,and Its surface tension is low;terpene microemulsification;wide applicable scope of PH and can be stable at room temperature. 
 CRODACOR BE  Corrosion inhibitors      Water-soluble rust inhibitor,Green products and save.
Crodateric PI No residue cleaning          It is a high performance cleaning additive with excellent cleaning properties.It is not only an effective water-soluble assistant, but also an efficient cleaner.
Crodastat 300 Surface antistatic agent    A antistatic agents for plastics and glass surface,It has no accumulation, no stripes, no chlorine.It is suitable for furniture, household appliances and office equipment. 
Mona AT-1200                                                            Acid thickening corrosion inhibitor High effective thickening of acid system; effect of corrosion inhibition;easy to diluted;decreased mixing time and no need to add solubilizing agents;boost in foam and enhanced the washing effect;decreased surface tension;HCI value stable.
NatraSense LF8    New environment-friendly antifoaming agent       Defoamer,it can effectively restrain foam,and have  some extent wetting also was a floor wax and low foam floor cleaner.
Modisurf Clarity-NP                                        Hard surface cleaner   Improve the hydrophilicity of hard surface and provide a layer of hydrophilic membrane to make dirt easier to wash is suitable for acidic and alkaline formulations.
NatSurf 265                                                                    Dispersing decontamination surfactant It can help the clean constituents disperses quickly, improve product penetration,detergency,and it can spend less time on cleaning.